Mark Watson will probably come into his own as it goes on and tasks he’s better suited to come up.

Bob’s a bit like Noel Fielding - there’s the occasional bit of surreal brilliance, but otherwise he can be a little ordinary.

Sally and Aisling are both great fun, you never know what they’re going to do next

and Nish is likeable but a bit prone to laughing his head off at nothing in particular (which he’s always done, tbf)

I do think Tim Key should make more guest appearances though. He’s still my favourite contestant over the history of the show.


Ditto that.

They’re doing a grand series with all the winners of each of the seasons so far but he didn’t win his :disappointed:


Curse that Josh Widdecombe.

I notice that Tim is “task consultant” and his long association with Alex Horne might mean he gets pulled in :slight_smile:


Yeah they should sack the winners off and just take someone from each series.

KEY - OSMAN - PASCOE - FIELDING - MORTIMER would be a good balance I reckon.


They seem to have contestants less inclined to take the smarmy route in this series. The sort who when told “you must not touch the X” immediately touch the X and make up some reason why it can’t be claimed that they did. “I didn’t touch it, my shoes touched it”. Hugh Dennis, Dave Gorman, Al Murray & Richard Osman were the worst for that kind of shit.



Would be my dream lineup


When they used to do Taskmaster at the Edinburgh Fringe they had 12 or so contestants. I’m sure they could push up to 10 for a two hour special and cut some of the guff.

Actually, they could chuck Greg Davies out. I’ve never understood what he’s doing there other than having a face the average Dave viewer would recognise to front it.


Such a great show. Finding this series a smidge less good as not as much chemistry between the contestants, and Nish is a little too OTT for me. But still 10/10 TV.


That’s literally the only reason he’s there


He’s great!


Yeah he’s good value, he’s gone up in my estimation.


Almost everyone on the show* has turned out better on this than anywhere else. It’s such a good vehicle for the genuinely funny human, who needs a vehicle other than stand up, regular panel shows, or a poorly conceived sit com.

*Davis, Murray, Lycett, Ryan, Widdecombe for starters.


I like taskmaster but I’m not a fan of some of some of the tasks like “Give Alex a special cuddle”, “Create the best splat”. Think it is much better when the result is easily measurable and Greg is just there to decide if they broke the rules.

Think “Throw a tea bag into a mug from the furthest distance away” was my favourite task. Simple objective with loads of different ways to do it. Although looking at the list I’ve just realised I only watched half of season 4.


I like the creative ones best - “make a pop video for a nursery rhyme” may still be my favourite ever task.


You can watch every week’s episode a few days early on the UKTV Play app if you have it, FYI


not really into this but loved the table tennis


Not seen it, I love Tim Key… um that’s all


Sally Phillips in episode 5. Oh. My.


Think it’s shite.

Reminds me of corporate team bonding exercises I’ve done in the past.


Like when they tried to get you to force a sneeze?