oh god, the team task :grimacing:

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At least he seemed genuinely mortified watching it back. Still better than Russell Howard.

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This is a pretty shit series.

Was livid that Iain got 5 point for the toilet roll task

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Iain is deffo a prick.

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Worst contestant they’ve ever had (and they’ve had Noel Fielding)

Enjoyed that episode, especially the football task. Paul in the telephone box was cracking



It’s alright. Very smugly self-satisfied at times.

i don’t like any of the final tasks ever.


Deffo prefer the ones that aren’t simple tasks made confusing by Alex’s tricksy sequential rules.

I’d really love if they did a Taskmaster live tour to celebrate the end of it.


Have they called time on the programme?

Ian is such a cunt


Really like him. What’s everyone’s beef?

This is def “the worst” series so far, but still excellent viewing. And I do fancy Lou something rotten.

He’s a colossal bellend, I hate him, his face, his personality and everything about him. Other than that he’s fine


Huh. Like him.

His behaviour in team tasks is about as easily identifiable an example of toxic masculinity as it gets in a frothy, light-hearted panel show. Immediately talking over Lou and talking down to her. Complete piece of shit.


No way the worst series. 4 was worse and the one with Alice Levine was shite

Liked 4. Agreed 6 wasn’t a classic.

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There was a bit in last night’s episode where he was visibly fuming about the fact he didn’t win the bouncing ball task and it showed all five of them politely applauding and laughing as they do and he had his arms folded and a face like thunder before realising and transitioning into “it’s all a laugh really applause” but a bit too late. Bellend.