How come?

Cause it’s gonna be shit!
Channel 4 keep buying stuff and making it crap. It’ll have channel 4 comedians on it only, no new breakthrough faces which I feel Taskmaster does well with their castings. It’ll probably be on at 10pm or something stupid!

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I have hope that it will remain fine


I don’t think Alex would agree anything that fucked with the format honestly.

Six more series starting in late 2020, presumably two more Champion of Champions too. How lovely!

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Best contestant : Frank Skinner / Tim Key (series one is by far the best)

Worst contestant : cleveclogs Richard Osman

Channel 4 is better than dave

I saw Rose Matafeo on 8 out of 10 cats do countdown first, so I think channel 4 does introduce comedians to a new audience.

from someout born outside the UK, I think sometimes you guys under appreciate your own comedy. I’m really looking foward to any new Taskmaster that comes our way

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It’ll still be made by Avalon though, not Channel 4 itself - and comedians are an incestuous lot and you can see evidence of links between those who’ve been on and some who follow - e.g. Katherine Ryan and Sarah Pascoe, Tim Key and Katy Wix.

Bake Off’s as good as or better since it went to Channel 4. Surprisingly so, but there you go. Prue Leith is a thousand times better than Mary Berry.

I think each series has had at least 3 Avalon clients so far, so I think we could see the following very soon:

Lucy Beamont
Rob Delaney
Richard Herring
Lee Mack
Josie Long

Hopefully not Jenny Eclair and Matt Forde, urgh.

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Jenny would be a very likely candidate actually!

I’d really love to see Lee Mack on it. He was tragically brilliant on Celebrity Bake Off. Utterly useless.


Yeah I think he’d be perfect for it.


Could be good value during the (stay at home) wars to come


This is brilliant