I’m a little bit in love with her, she’s wonderfully mad


I am actually in love with her and I am typing this from the bushes outside of her house.


Can someone explain the premise of this show?
I can’t work out what happens from this thread


Shit host sets a task and we watch footage of a bunch of comedians pretend they’re definitely doing it for the first time.


Oh so kind of like impractical jokers?


You like Alex Horne right? He makes celebrities do silly and funny tasks for points in the guise of it being a competitive game show. Stuff like throwing a basketball through a hoop without being able to touch it with your hands and stuff.


I don’t know who Alex Horne is really. I recognize his face but I have not seen him in anything.


It’s actually less funny than that


Ah ok, thought you were someone who had gone to see him a few times for some reason.

If you like any of the people in it it’s funny, diminishing returns as it’s gone on though.


I think that is @plasticniki


Your arch-nemesis!

How dare he!


this is currently a bit of a bone of contention at home. i am very pro-phillips. the tv is less so.


You like Katherine Ryan and Sara Pascoe right? They’ve both been in a series, give them a go


Saw it for the first time the other night. It was like a segment from Comic Relief. Pretty bad.


I don’t understand you people.


Probably the only must watch show on tv for me. Can the miserablists put forward a better current tv show that I might enjoy? Awaits sarcastic responses dies before an actual contender is named


The X Facto…

abandons reply


He’s not really been in anything on TV. The only regular thing I can remember him appearing on was “We Need Answers” with Mark Watson and Tim Key on BBC4. Check out repeats of The Horne Section on Radio 4 and 4 Extra though - an excellent show.

Alex’s comedy is pretty family-friendly, it’s a shame he’s not on more often.


He’s been on 8 out of 10 cats does countdown in the dictionary corner with the Horne section 2 or 3 times. They did a version of Bill Withers’ Lovely Day where Alex sings the daaaaaaay bit for about 3 minutes. I actually lolled.


Actually, Alex was on regular Countdown too. I think he was champion for a few episodes.