Rosalind is a fucking nightmare.


The venom :joy:

Loved that series, I’d probably say 1, 2, 5, 3, 4 if I had to rant them.


Was great. I see nobody came up with a credible alternative show, so Taskmaster is now officially the best show on telly.


Taskmaster and Only Connect are just about the only terrestrial shows worth a hoot.

Sally Phillips seems to be a sploshing advocate, right? (This might be a selling point for @meowington ?)


I love this show
cant wait for the champions series, though the last place from each series may be a better watch

US version coming soon, bet they fuck it up royally


Anyone who watches Dave should be dropped in the fucking bin


Haven’t watched the show, have you mate.


I dunno


it’s outlandish claims like this that have ensured you will NEVER have my vote for mod


I’m not a populist that’s a given.
The mod you need, not want.


Fucking finally, thank you @Ruffers

Although realised I should have gone with Kevin Sullivan


The sheer fact that there’s a 71 post thread about a DAVE TV show featuring Rob Beckett and Noel Fielding on THIS forum, the most cynical, anti, jumped-up collection of indie pricks on the whole internet, should give you an idea about the quality of the show.

Ruffers hasn’t even watched it so he can fuck off.

Severed doesn’t like it, you’re welcome to your opinion, but I’d hazard a guess that in the real world you are 100% unloveable.


Guys it’s a TV show, let’s all calm it down yeah?


I’m not the splosher!!
(I can’t remember their name now…)


Never, I’m absolutely seething here.


Goodness me!


Obviously the last line was tongue-in-cheek but I stand by the rest of it.




Aye, 'twas fuzzy_d, but I thought you said it sounded kinda fun. Anyways, Taskmaster’s great, Sally Phillips is great, you’re great - it’s a match made in heaven. :ok_hand:


I’d probably give it a go and I am fond of Sally Phillips.

I still haven’t watched this show.