Watching it now, I love DMC so very much :blush:

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Laughed out loud lots of times, so happy that this is back.


Loved it.

Said it before, will say it again: TM and Only Connect are the bestest.

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Just settling down to watch this nowwww. Can’t remember who the new people are

Daisy is pretty great. Love her already

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That was great. Proper cheered me up AND I got a snog during an ad break


I’m on series 3 and nearly cried with laughter at Al Murray’s nightmarish attempt at a snowman

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Well I absolutely loved the first episode. Mawaan and Daisy were particularly hilarious and the helium in the egg was an instant classic moment. I just love Taskmaster though, even a ‘bad’ episode makes me laugh more than any other programme.


Another vote for enjoying the first episode. Studio distancing is a bit sad but y’know, that’s the way it is right now. I’ll take what I can get. DMC consistently cracking up was great, nothing quite as likely to make me laugh as someone else laughing.

Greg veered between being very funny and very mean. I know he’s always rude to Alex but some of the stuff was a bit much I thought. Or I might just be being over sensitive, Alex didn’t seem to mind.

This looks like why Katherine was a bit teary in the first episode. Weird seeing the outtakes with no audience noise.

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They do midnight taskmaster repeats on Dave and 9.30 taskmaster repeats on e4. :Oooo

it’s really good. Easily the best international version. They’re all on reddit if you want to dip in. The Ylvis lads are on it, all of them are quite likable. Still not as good as the UK one though.

Sweden’s is a bit more of a chat show, has its moments. Spain rubbish. US didn’t really hang together.

NZ one starts soon, high hopes indeed.

As for the UK… good start, everyone is clearly a bit manic having just left the house which is quite weird to see, but the show has lost nothing in its move to C4. They’ve recorded S11 already which is nice.

Superb start to S10 and I was a bit worried how the transfer to C4 and Covid would change the format but some proper laugh out load moments. The strongest thing is the line up seems the perfect balance between guests who I think will have a good rapport and hopefully no try hards like on some previous series

don’t think there are any competitive dickheads on this series are there. that’s good

Thought the first one from the new series was pretty flat and the studio sections were really awkward and off. Sorry everyone.

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Herring, 10%

No wait, 100%!


quite enjoying the first ep of the podcast because Alex is the guest and has some interesting insights. i’d always wondered about tasks where they supposedly have 20 minutes but then they suddenly have all this specially requested equipment by the time they’re doing it (apparently they can pause the clock and go and do another task while someone is out buying the stuff) and how much of the tasks Greg has seen beforehand etc.

not sure it’ll be as interesting with non-Alex guests going forward but it’ll keep my occupied at work anyway. sounds like it’ll mostly be ex-contestants rather than random ‘celebrity fans’.

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Benefiting from the “you’re a stand up comedian, what else are you going to be doing?” Factor of the current situation.

anyone in Central London tomorrow at 3pm? I have a spare for the recordings of the season 11. I’m not working so why the fuck not.

Will have to sign an NDA to not reveal the line-up apparently

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