Mock the Week crossed with one of those Top Gear adventures. So staged it’s painful.

ENJOY! :smiley:


Very much so. There’s literally an actual stage used at the end of every episode.

Mock The Week? Top Gear? I WOT M9? More akin to those made up games on Shooting Stars, really.


definite diminishing returns with this
would be better if they had a bigger budget and the tasks were zanier
maybe the american one will be good for that


did you think that about the latest series? I thought it pissed all over series 4


didn’t watch s4 cos i didn’t care for the lineup. this one’s alright cos Bob’s in it


Gonna have to disagree. The series that’s just finished was an improvement on the one before. Cos of the guests.

l like Nish & Noel, but this format doesn’t work well when people try to out-wacky the tasks with added on larking. The whole thing works much better when people play along to do well with a modicum of effort. Having said that, I don’t mind the odd bit of subversion, and Greg’s judgement thereof, although Al Murray kinda pushed it a bit too frequently, all told.

I’m not so keen on the bigger fancier tasks like fucking stuff off cranes. The zero budget dafty inventiveness is way better (e.g. coconuts on a systems down a ramp, IRL spot the difference, stop motion animation clips, flags made of food, etc).

Parlour games and ‘bored kid made-up games’ antics >>>>>>> Stunts


coconuts on a systems down a ramp?

*coconuts on a skateboard


Ridiculous :joy:

Next series is:
Liza Tarbuck
Tim Vine
Alice Levine
Russell Howard
Asim Choudry

Bit fat meh for that line-up, but no real biggie when there’s another three series coming.


Ooft, that’s the first lineup with people I actively dislike rather than ones I’m ambivalent about…


Only one I dislike is Howard, and I think the format plays to his strengths and he’ll probably be pretty good.

Never heard of Choudry, mind.


I find Alice Levine quite irritating and don’t like Tim Vine either.


Levine irritated me on My Dad Wrote a Porno but then so did the others, I haven’t seen anything of her outside of that so I’ll give her a chance. Tim Vine is good though, but unsure how funny he is as a person, outside of creating one-liners.

Forty more episodes could be seen as overkill but I just don’t get bored with the show so I’m happy enough.


unlucky @Ruffers !


I feel like this is worth it


Me and my TV only discovered Taskmaster two weeks ago and we’ve already got through the first three series. I quite like Liza Tarbuck but detest Russell Howard, don’t really know the other three. I’ve been surprised in the show’s ability to make me change my mind about certain people though. Katherine Ryan, Josh Widdecome and Rob Beckett were all people who would almost make me turn off a program just by their very appearance but Taskmaster has really softened me to them, Howard will be the ultimate test.


I’ve only seen the Champions of Champions (at my ex’s on Xmas eve night) and Series 1 (because of Tim Key), but similarly, I really warmed to people like Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe much more than I wanted to happen. I mean, I’ll still turn anything else they’re in off, and I haven’t found the nerve to watch the other series yet but I might just because, you know, Alex Horne.


I am both really cheered up by this news - new series, yay!
& disheartened, only 4 more? boo!


Terrible lineup for that first series back, but hopefully it won’t matter.

Love Taskmaster, and the cynical naysayers need to have a word with themselves.


is that a task


It feels like watching Russell Howard for six weeks is being set as a task to the viewer. It’s a great show for letting a comedian’s real side come out (who knew Noel Fielding was quite into sports or that Nish Kumar’s really quite musical?) and, for the most part, you end up liking them all more afterwards…apart from Jon Richardson who I ended up liking less.

Been a Tim Vine fan for over 20 years now, so this’ll be a treat :smiley: