How did this go btw?

It’s happening on Saturday, but I’ve seen all of the submissions and… well, they’ve went above and beyond. Gonna record it and pop it on youtube I think.


Good studio task


Started shit but got much better tonight. Was in hysterics towards the end.

Greg and Alex look like they’re having a lot of fun this series, and they’ve dropped a lot of the alpha-beta stuff they do when an audience is there. Makes a nice change.

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Very flat til the marble run task

Katherine by far my favourite this series, which is funny as I was excited about all of them beforehand except her

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i hope they rang Josh Widdecombe to verify the correct answer for the toilet roll count

Sacked off series 6 and jumped onto series 7. Feel like that’s a good choice


Thought last night was a good slate of tasks.

The chicken remote one was a good premise let down by 3 surprisingly competent attempts and a couple of boring failures.

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I think even Alex Horne realised it was a bit shit once they got going.

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If they’d not had the barriers, it could have ended up like the blindfold mobility scooter task. With them penned in it just didn’t have enough scope to go properly off the rails for anyone.

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wonder how often that happens

the ‘remove a fiver from under this pint glass’ one from S6 was kinda the same, some people had a brief moment of madness but then everyone realised it was really easy within a couple of minutes

The water balloon one from a few episodes ago was like this, turned out you could easily drop it from the max height if you put basically anything to cushion the fall.

oh yeah that too. those ones are always a bit disappointing

i think there’s usually one or two tasks per series that don’t get used so there must be a few more of those that don’t make it in

on the other hand, according to Ed Gamble the ‘lasso Alex’ task from S9 was supposed to just be a tie-breaker task but got put in the main show purely because David Baddiel’s attempt was so ridiculous

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Katherine Parkinson is mr bean


Watching season 9 and Ed Gamble is just a bit too competent. He’s like a comedy jock.

always has a sneer in his eyes, don’t like him at all


Thank you @hesastopsiiiiign for the excellent tasks. It was fun and my idiot friends ending up spending a ridiculous amount of time and money on it.