Ah. Six weeks seemed a fair maximum for anyone. Sadist.


Confused about it being ten weeks. If they’d announced eight series of five episodes I’d have bust a nut


Got into this a few months ago after this thread. Weird that I quite like it but dislike every person on it.


Liza tarbucks a good choice cause I like her despite also not liking her.


I watched the first episode of season 2 and I have to say I lolled pretty hard


Back on 2nd May.



First task of the new series is up on UKPlay

Alex Horne’s new family entertainment show The Button debuted on BBC1 the other night, it’s a mixture of Taskmaster and Gogglebox and it was very enjoyable. I imagine kids would love it too.


Keep thinking this thread is about the employment agency.


Saw a few minutes of The Button in passing. Looked like the result of someone high up at the BBC saying “We need something Gogglebox-y”. i.e. desperate. NTV on Noel’s House Party was enough of that carry-on, ta.


That’s interesting - I saw a trailer and thought it looked like shit, but if Alex Horne has anything to do with it then it might be worth a watch.


UK version back tomorrow

First two episode of the US version are online

And here is a Swedish episode because why not https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QooO9wCQB1LYyG-xdYjAf3ehdR53m4En/view


I lost interest with this and decided only the first series was good


Is the US version any good or did they miss the point of the oddness and surreality?

Looking forward to it returning tonight.


It’s alright, very much Taskmaster Lite and it’s only 20 minutes long so feels rushed, but still had a few lols. It’s all tasks that we’ve seen already.

The casting is fairly weak and Reggie Watts hasn’t really left his stamp on the show which surprised me.


would be great if they got eric andre on it (this is true of all shows though)


too smug this show


This place…

Taskmaster is undeniably funny. My whole family love it, and we’re all very different. It’s just good-natured and hilarious.


Quite liked the first show. Alice Levine is going to walk it based on early evidence.

Re: smugness - Russell Howard certainly is bringing smugness back to Al Murray levels.


Not a single likeable or funny one this time around based on the first episode.