Love a task where someone has smashed it for it to then fall apart due to an earlier gaff, hats of to Lee for fucking the task before it started and then fucking it once it did.


The series has really warmed up but it’s not going to go down as a classic sadly. Hope the next one has an audience.

Lee and Mike are fantastic though, and this joke from Lee got buried in the edit last night but was one of the wittiest, quickest quips I’ve ever seen on Taskmaster

Greg: I used to be in a band called One Dead Jellyfish
Lee: How much was it to get in? Sick squid?


Thought this was a really good one. The banana task was utterly sickening, I loved it.

Also, Lee getting disqualified for the toilet holder thing was great. As was Jamali lugging the loo roll over a fence before realising he could just run over and drop it somewhere.


Alex is on Lou Sanders’ podcast this week, includes some Taskmaster chat (particularly the Special Cuddle task)

Interviews have started :smiley:


Really enjoyed watching last week’s episode last night. It somehow managed to fill the gaping void in my life left by the death of my beloved Duke, with surprising ease.

Feel like they’ve gone a bit series 10 challenge with that. I found it a bit exhausting to watch.

It felt like base Lee Mack to my mind. Like, something me or my dad would have said and been instantly ashamed of ourselves.

I did enjoy “Premature conker? I used to be in a band called Premature Conker”.

Mike Wozniak is simply joyful to watch, and it pains me he’s got no chance of winning and therefore we’ll never see him again after this series. Would quite like a ‘Champion of the people I enjoyed most’, which would be Tim Key, James Acaster, Bob Mortimer, Mike Wozniak and…Joe Thomas? It would be delightfully unhinged.


I mean yeah obvs, but could either of you do it in miliseconds? I’m not a Lee Mack superfan at all but he’s one of the quickest comedians out there, for better or worse, and I’d rather have someone trying to crack jokes because a lot of these non-audience episodes have felt exceptionally flat in the studio.

Either way I hope Wozniak gets a few more opportunities after this because he’s been a joy.


Sometimes that’s what you want in comedy, just someone making utterly daft jokes which are obviously a bit naff but still make you smile. I don’t doubt Lee Mack knows half the stuff he says are rubbish bad jokes but I can’t help but laugh


Battery powered drills are fucking wank.

ffs forgot this was on

love the bee pope


Charlotte looked genuinely over the moon to do well for once


This is a great episode. Good tasks and I guess it’s one of the later studio sessions they filmed cos they’re all having a good time

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wedge time

That final task was great


That tongue is haunting.

It’s weird seeing so much saliva in 2021

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I feel a bit ill now