I don’t watch this boring show, but I largely agree with those comedian ratings.


  • Josh Widdecombe - Bit smug, not funny
  • Richard Osman - Fairly unlikeable but occasionally funny
  • Hugh Dennis - Smug unlikeable prick
  • Mark Watson - Unlikeable and not funny


In what way is Mark Watson unlikeable? He’s probably the most likeable person in the world.


He’s the most likable person in that list of four, but let’s not take things too far.


Have you or sadpunk seen him do stand up? Or are you basing it entirely on Taskmaster?


Early ratings:

Alice: don’t know who she is but she seems nice and fairly funny
Asim: likeable but not funny and kinda boring
Liza: annoying, not funny
Russell: not likeable, not funny
Tim: fairly likeable, occasionally funny

Alice > Tim > Asim > Russell > Liza. Sub par overall


I’ve only seen him on RHLSTP and he seemed quite likeable, but I don’t think he’s probably the most likeable person in the world.


This thread might be the most annoying one on the forum for hot takes/incorrect opinions, and I don’t say that lightly.

Good lord people!


Seen him live three or four times and always tune in for his Radio 4 shows. Very likeable guy. Probably the most likeable in Taskmaster history then rather than the world. Almost certainly the least smug.


People that it’s weird they haven’t been on Taskmaster yet (not necessarily because they’re good but because they seem the right fit):

  • Adam Buxton
  • Sarah Millican
  • Simon Amstell
  • James Acaster
  • Sue Perkins
  • Rebecca Front
  • Claudia O’Doherty


Don’t think amstell would be a very good fit for it tbh. Buxton would be great


This I agree with. Acaster would be brilliant. Not too sure about Rebecca Front – think she’s a funny actor but not necessarily a funny person (off the cuff).


Adam Buxton would be excellent. James Acaster must only be a matter of time and would also be good.

Not sure about Sarah Millican or Rebecca Front at all.

Jack Dee, David O’Doherty, Tim Minchin, Bridget Christie and Claudia Winkleman might all be good. Waddyareckon?


Tim Minchin is fucking unbearable, he’ll definitely be on at some point. Jack Dee’s schtick would probably work alright on it. Dunno about the other three really.


Think I’d skip the series if he was on it


David o’doherty is good. Winkelman is unbearable


Ha ha, I’ve found the new Nish Kumar.


She was pretty good on Film 20xx. Just hams it up a bit for the mega primetime stuff. Mind you, which one would appear here?


Reckon a non-comedian likeable always gives good balance to a series. Levine is pretty good for it this time


I have it on good authority that Acaster is in one of the next three series.

Winkleman is only a matter of time. I don’t want it to happen.


That’s good news. And also jesus wept no