Cannot stand Sarah Millican. Sarah MillcanNOT.

“Oooooohh I’m dead northern and unhappy with me weeeiiight”.

= a career




Not guilty on this one! I’m not a fan either. Think Antpocalypsenow put her forward as it’s weird she hasn’t been on yet.


Rich Hall would be very good. Not sure he’d do it though


acaster’s confirmed as being on a future series. i’d like to add josie long and the d-o-d to that list as well.

re: rankings, bob mortimer is quite possibly the greatest and funniest human being currently alive. and mark watson is absolutely delightful. (sorry, this isn’t directed specifically at you, tone, more just general disbelief at the state of things upthread)


Yeah, definitely in the “weird she hasn’t been on it” pile but she is about as funny as being kicked in the dick.


Actually amazed Henning Wehn and Rhod Gilbert haven’t been on yet.

Josie Long would be great.


bob mortimer is quite possibly the greatest and funniest human being currently alive

See, I’ve never been a massive fan of Bob on his own without Vic.


how dare you


bob >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> vic


Sorry mate but “here are some things I believe politically and the other side are bad” is not and never has been a comedic act no matter how correct those opinions may be.

Saw her opening for Marc Maron the other week, it’s the third time I’ve seen her and I literally haven’t heard the audience laugh collectively once on any of those occasions.


No, Vic >>> Bob

But Vic at least >> most people to be fair.


if the task for this thread was ‘express some opinions that are correct’ then you guys are doing really badly…


Feeling’s mutual, who’s the Taskmaster here to officiate?


Bob’s even the funnier of the two in Vic Reeves’ Big Night Out.

He’s always been the comedy. Vic just puts a bug on his face or wears some weird teeth or something (which is funny, but I can’t imagine listening to a podcast of his).

Ant has nailed Josie Long and he inherent problem.


Sally Philips wasn’t funny on Travel Man either.

Why haven’t they got Richard Ayoade doing it yet?

Or i’d like to see Cariad Lloyd.


I don’t think I’d expect Sally Phillips to be especially funny given she’s not a comedian. She’s fucking great though.

Ayodae’s schtick winds me up but he’d probably be a good fit for the show actually.

Only know Cariad Lloyd from the Griefcast I think, that may have clouded my thoughts somewhat…


If Peter crouch retires this summer I reckon he’d be quite good on it




Ah well, I’m not going to argue any more. I prefer Vic’s comedy, even if is now apparently 100% prop-based.