Tasted horse radish for the first time today...

Absolutely exceptional.

Well done.


The sauce is banging on some roast tatties and beef

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Had it on a couple of ciabattas with corned beef and rocket.

Its basically much much much tastier mustard

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Like mustard (good) and salad cream (also good).

Definite win for anyone with tastebuds, pal.

We sell horseradish mustard at my work. It’s fucking amazing.

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Big horseradish fan. A must with a Sunday roast

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See, i’d sooner have apple sauce and red cabbage with a roast.

This is a definite 10/10 sandwich accompaniment, mind.

Most wasabi is just horseradish dyed green, if that is of interest


All depends on the roast don’t it?

You aren’t having apple sauce with roast beef, same as you aren’t having horseradish with pork. Then again, this is dis…


You can have all three, champ.

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For the first time, are you 5?!

Try it with roast beef my friend, trust me. It makes the meat taste creammmmy HMMMM

Nope, just not a massive Tory.

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Not sure why I responded with that, I was probably about 30 before I was even aware of it :grinning:

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Goes really well with the potatoes and carrots on a roast too.


2 years older than bugduv then.

Good with beetroot, too.

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