Tastes of normal

The Tastes of Normal limited-edition travel sweets are a homage to the simple pleasures of travel and the staple of many a journey for generations. They have been reinvented with an unexpected range of flavours inspired by favourite dishes associated with British locations, including fish and chips, pork pie, cornish pasty, Wensleydale cheese, Eccles cake and curry

Cornish pasty flavour @Funkhouser


Mmmmmm yum!

Did you know in the beer thread they talk about prawn cocktail flavoured lager?


Just burn the entire fucking country to the ground at this point.


cheese-flavoured sweets eh

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We need more of this kind of thing. Well done National Express!

“british” locations

ie english


kind of a fun idea

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What I’ve really missed is being sat on a cramped national express coach on the m1 squeezed in next to someone who’s belching pork pie burps right next to my face


At it

half expected a chorizo flavour


This is just weird. You know what would actually taste of ‘normal’? Travel sweets. Like, actual regular travel sweets.


Yeah i could go a good suck on a lovely travel sweet . My grandad used to have them in the car, haven’t seen them for years.

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Ever done a poo on a coach?

  • Yes, and I’d do it again
  • Yes, but not in the toilet
  • No
  • No but I would have if the toilet wasn’t literally full to the brim so instead I sprinted through Victoria coach station and made it to the public loos just in time

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In a coach, never on a coach. That would require some coordination

what about a couch

No, neither in nor on a couch

Or a big run up

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Just a bit of harmless fun though isn’t it, might make a memorable experience, you could share them with your mates and go WOOAH THIS ONE IS AWFUL!

Something to tell the grandkids about later