Tax, maaaaaaan

Holy shit, I think via the method of paying £60 for a guided thingie, I may have done my tax return.

@ghostpony was spot on about how I couldn’t file it using the HMRC software so I have no idea how my wife did last year. I guess maybe she did it for the previous tax year or something odd?

Anyway, fuck them and their impossible to understand bullshit. E.g. here are the notes for one bit:

Your foreign earnings (see RDR4, page 4,
paragraph 2) aren’t taxable in the UK,
if you meet all the following conditions:
• you’re not domiciled in the UK
• you’re taxed on the remittance basis (see RDR4,
‘Guidance Note: Overseas Workday Relief’)
• your employment is carried on (fully or partly)
outside the UK
• the year is either
— the first tax year immediately following
three consecutive tax years for which you
weren’t resident in the UK
— one of the next two tax years after such a year

I mean what? The helpful guy just pointed out to me that I had been going nuts over the residence bit on account of having no idea that

domicile status is different from resident. You can be non-resident but this does not mean you have changed the domicile status

Holy shitballs.

Alright Gary Barlow


You doing one in both Oz and the UK? I remember when I spent a few years flitting between both countries for work I’m pretty sure that I inadvertently paid way less tax than I should have in both jurisdictions. Online filing was brutal in the early 00s tbf…

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Oz one is done and was a piece of piss, luckily!

How are you supposed to use rdr4 they’ve only just released 2! It’ll be about 20 years before 4 comes out!

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Not sure what I was expecting when i clicked this thread. Hope you all have fun in here.


Thought it would be Theo’s usual rant that the rich are over-taxed and how unfair it is.


This is the year Mrs HYG is finally hiring a professional to sort her tax stuff. Getting taxed in the US and the UK is really complicated, it turns out.

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Quite like tax and how it all works. Might ask work if they’ll put me through some qualifications on the subject.

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If you understand the domicile condition properly, the others follow on fairly naturally. Do you intend to live in Australia forever or is your ultimate aim to move back to the UK (i.e. do you see the UK as your permanent home)?

Bit philosophical m8, he just wants to know how many more ivory back scratchers be can afford this fiscal year.

Honestly no idea. Here for the now. Maybe we’ll return at some point.

Wherever theo lays his circuit boards, that’s his home


Yeah I’d be in the same boat, and I’d say for pretty much any brit residing abroad at the moment it’s pretty difficult to say what the future will hold! (I know Ausis not EU but… yknow…)

Can someone answer this query without me contacting HMRC and risking it stopping please?

I’m on a year-long sabbatical from my employer and for the last 3 months (after my arrears pay and holiday pal had stopped) I have received £173 on each payday. My pal in HR said it’s classed as a PAYE rebate and to contact HMRC for advice.

Shall I just keep quiet? It’s paying most of my rent so quite handy.

Could it be that they’ve been alerted to the fact that I’m on sabbatical, so have realised the tax I have paid from April to August, when I started my sabbatical, was too much so I’m due a rebate? I wouldn’t have thought they would have been able to calculate this until the end of the financial year.

That is odd as I thought rebates didn’t come through until April and usually as a one off payment.

My advice is not to get in touch with them about that until after 31 jan - when they will be less busy as all the self assessment stuff will be done

Basically your personal allowance accumulates as the year progresses. Every month you get another twelfth of it (around £990 at the moment, assuming you’re on the standard code), and it is applied to your pay for the year so far.

If you’re earning a regular amount each month then this will just mean that you pay around the same amount of tax each month, but if you stop earning but you’re still going through paye (so a sabbatical, or unpaid parental leave or something like that might apply), then basically the tax due on your total earnings for the year-to-date is recalculated each month, taking into account the increased personal allowance - this would result in less tax being due than has already been paid, and you’d get a refund.

In short, it sounds correct.

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Here’s an extraordinarily useful graph I’ve done, based on someone earning £2k per month until October.

The area between both lines is what tax is calculated on - that gap shrinks after October, so a refund is given each month.


Have you just drawn a boomerang to insult Theo? Because that’s not ok.