Tax rebate


Never had one before. Came home to say the tax man is rebating me £4100!


Anyone else had a big one before?


Fucking nice one pal!


JonDOSH more like!


fucking yaaaasssss ma man :thumbsup:
great feeling


Let me hold a tenner mate


Get a round in


organise a Sheffield/DiS FC match and I’ll get a full round in


and even a red wine for @elthamsmateowen


Fuck me. I got mine for £2200 on Friday.


Only had one, for £250 back in 2003. I thought it was a lot of money. I used it to go on my first holiday in about five years.

I only got that because I’d started a new job and they’d put me on an emergency tax code for the first six months.


Yep, about £3k I think last year. Spent it on debts :+1:


The Beatles wrote about this i believe


Just think of how many Nurses that £4100 could have been spent on


a lot of the bureaucracy was covered in ‘triplicate paper pad writer’




can i have it


Sure. Just send me your bank account details and mothers maiden name


I’ve been waiting for a rematch.


Acc#: 55378008
Maiden name: Fanny


I got 300 pounds a few years ago and spent it on food. Think I had smoked salmon sandwiches every day for about a month and a half.