Tax rebates

Anyone know when I can get a tax rebate for the current tax year? I’m 99% sure I’m owed one and I’m not paying any more tax in the uk for another year, but just wondering if I have to wait until the end of this tax year before inquiring about it?

probably yeah but if you call them up and say you’re definitely gone for the rest of the year they might do it. idk

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You usually get them around September, usually no need to report anything they just send it. Get a Gov Gateway / HMRC account and you can look at what you’ve paid.

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You can get a tax rebate if you’re owed one whenever you please.

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I signed up to that government gateway checker thing via HMRC after a mate recommended it and got £500 last year. Had no idea tbf.

Think you have to wait until the end of the tax year as they can’t be certain how much tax you should have paid in a year until that year is over

If he’s talking about specifically a rebate for the 2017/18 tax year then you’re right. I mean in general.


Oh right I misread the OP


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Got one for £2,400 a couple of years ago.

Had another one for about £400. At the time i was getting paid in cash (but legit via PAYE, etc) and instead of a cheque i got it in my wagepacket, so it was nice seeing my boss count it out infront of me.


I’m hoping to get one because I took a pay cut, no real reason to think I will but I’m just hoping it happens for some reason

Also could do with some advice on this cos im a useless adult who has no clue about anything

I got a tax summary in the post for the 16-17 tax year but it doesnt really tell me much about anything. I had maybe 4 weeks in between two low wage jobs so I dunno if i’m due anything - could be. The P800 is a different thing entirely I’m guessing - any way of finding out when/if I might receive that?

Anyone know the procedure for claiming in the 17/18 tax year, after it finishes? I only worked until late August so would’ve thought I’d be due something after that. Getting it in the next few months would come in pretty handy…

Also - can’t for the life of me work out if I’m due to pay any council tax. My account says “closed” so maybe not?

is the tax summary a P60? should show how much you earned in a year and how much tax you paid, go to and see how much you should have paid and whether it matches

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For 2016/17, do you have your total earnings figure for the year on that summary? If so, you can work out how much tax was due - the first £11k would be tax free, then the next £32k would be at 20%, over that is 40% (until you get to £100k, and if that’s the case you can pay me to tell you more).

That’s fundamentally it for earnings from an employer, but can become slightly more complicated if you have received taxable benefits from an employer (e.g private medical insurance, which would be added to your taxable pay) or if they’re making adjustments for a previous year or something like that.

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@SenorDingDong @ttf

Cheers will look into it. Doesn’t actually specify on the document that it’s called P60 but I’m guessing as a “tax summary” it’s the same thing. Got my figures inc total earnings though so will work it out and look into it

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Got one for a tenner once.

That’s it

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what’d you spend it on?

Can’t remember now.

Probably bloody bills

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P60 and the tax summary are different things. One is the formal document you should get from your employer at the end of the year and keep along with any P45s. The tax summary is a thing cooked up by George Osborne to mislead everyone into thinking most of our taxes are spent on free money for the feckless.


got one for £240 just this week (from 2016/17)

feels good man

You used to have to fill in a P85 if you left the country for the remainder of the tax year to get an in year refund. Dunno if that still applies.

Might all be through government gateway. You can do online chats I think.