Tax return check


Hey freelancers!

How you coming along with them returns?

Anyone already been a goody-two-shoes and filed as early as october? [nerd homer gif]

Anyone panicking?

Anyone forgotten to put money back for tax?


not only done and filed but also paid

no flies on me, mate!!


!!! fucking hell! just filed mine, will pay soon as confirmed.

delighted to discover if you opt to pay into a private pension you can set that against your profit. QUITE good


i don’t understand what that means :disappointed:

but yeah, i got screwed by late payments over the summer and then had a bunch all come in at once and was expecting a pretty hefty bill so was mr. sensible for once and sorted it straight away.


basically, sort yourself a pension. pay into it. anything you pay into it comes off your tax bill


that sounds good (i probably wont do it)


(i only did coz accountant said)


Leave all that shizzle to my accountant.

Even though I am a chartered accountant myself, but fuck dealing with any of it personally :+1:


moi aussi. but you have to actually give them all the invoices etc (unless you’re setup with sage or etc) so hence my question


I have to do accounts for the UK AND Australia every year. It’s annoying.


done yourself there


At least the UK ones are “not there m9 lol”. But they still want me to tell them that every year.


I don’t believe in taxation, makes getting/making money from my projects easier


I used to actually work between UK and Oz for a few years and had to submit actual proper returns in both :scream:




As far as I’m aware, @JohnM regularly goes golfing with his accountant, so he should be on top of this.


Ah mate I’m afraid you’re not one of the preapproved people to make this shit joke

SAD is going to be livid


I wanted to get it sorted super early this year as I had to get it done early last year to apply for a mortgage and it was a massive weight off, but I started in June and I’ve been putting it off since. Too much other work to do maaaaan.


Sounds like you need to file your “irked return” hahaha*
*this joke works stfu


I do mine in April, as soon as the tax year opens. Mainly because I also have summer teaching work that’s PAYE and they always end up emergency taxing me. So I rarely owe anything and sometimes get a refund.