Tax Returns 2020

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Anyone currently sorting theirs out?

I’ve tentatively made a start on my first one since becoming a freelancer and don’t really have a clue what I’m doing.

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I could reclaim £60 a year in tax if I could be bothered to do a tax return. But I really, really can’t be bothered to do a tax return.

Yeah I can reclaim some fuel but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

I consider it a donation to the taxation coffers.

did mine and paid my bill so long ago that i was halfway convinced that i’d already paid my payments to accoutn as well but no dice. sigh.

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This is the position I’m desperately hoping to get to next year, fingers crossed eh!

How do tax rebates work. I’ll have over paid I think. Full pay for 6 months and then I’ve not paid since

you’ll just get a cheque in the post at some point

or you can subtract it from next years’ bill but nobody has ever done this

General questions:

What do I need to be wary that might massively set me back in terms of time-consuming tedium?

Got my invoices together from that tax year. Haven’t really got any tax-deductible expenses for 2018-19 and my earnings for that year are under 10k [student/starting off slowly], so I’m not expecting to pay much/[any?] although someone warned me they had to pay their following year’s in advance - is this something I need to be wary of?

In terms of specifics, one of the places I did work for seems to have automatically sorted me out in terms of my tax code etc. But with sources of income, I’ve done general ad-hoc commissions and some regular shift work - chased them up and they’ve told me there’s no tax code as they’re “paying any PAYE on your behalf”, so what’s that classed as?

I didn’t even realise it had been away


Do work change your address with the tax folk or do you have to do it yourself?

Alternatively if anyone has any useful guides or reading material, please send my way as HMRC are absolutely useless in making any of this stuff vaguely clear.


hmm guess it depends on your circumstance think you’re meant to do it yourself is you’re SE or you can just do it on your tax return

I’m not se just hijacking the thread as I’ve just realised I’m probably owed some money

do you not have payslips or whatever? you need to list your PAYE income on your SA as well

yes, very much so. basically everyone i know gets caught out by payments to advance. i got stuck with a 2k bill that i just couldn’t pay. luckily the interest is pretty low but they hassle you a lot.

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should be automatically sorted then i think but i’m no expert

Did mine this morning. Paid a bit off by DD every month this year because I don’t trust myself to save enough.

That said, fucking payments on account get me every year! Pure evil in the guise of tax legislation (which I support as a tool of wealth distribution etc)

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Looks like I should’ve sorted out my ni payments before I left. Bollocks

Yep, had 4 months of unexpected contracting work that tax year which, coupled with how my previous employer imploded into said contracting work, has been an absolute faff.

One thing I would note is that when you finally get them on the phone, HMRC agents are generally pretty nice and helpful. I’m a total idiot and they helped me out a lot in a stupidly difficult situation (which is still ongoing)