Tax Year 2021/22

Let’s make it one to remember


happy new (tax) year everyone! :tada: :balloon: :partying_face:

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  • I know someone who posts this every year on social media
  • My life has not reached rock bottom

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New Tax Year, New Tax Me


poor @Tuna

Gaming Duty>IHT>SDLT>CGT>Excise Duty>CT>IT>VAT>Customs Duty

Not sure about Tonnage tax yet.

this must have been very taxing to come up with

Anyone else doing #dryQ2? No taxes for me until July 1st. Wish me luck!


Proposal to reintroduce beard tax:

All in favour?

  • Yes
  • Hell yes!

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I’ve been absolutely done here and deservingly so

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Its not a bad thing though! If someone was to wish me a happy fiscal new year it would make me nervous first because my finances aren’t great but happy second because its a fresh start

Happy IR35 day guys!