taxi competition

most expensive journey you have ever taken in a taxi?

pretty sure i’ve never broken £40

£160, Taunton to Plymouth.

Why didn’t you catch a train instead?

that’s going to be hard to beat

Because it had been cancelled due to flooding outside Exeter.

My soul in a taxi from the cradle to the grave.

Uber XL

another competition to see who is the biggest tory

€200 from bilbao to santander

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About £30 from airport to hotel in Beijing, which would’ve been the equivalent of at least £100. Was about 90 min long I think.

that’s just reminded me that the longest taxi journey i ever took was glasgow → carlisle

a train had been cancelled last minute so they paid for individual taxis for everyone. must have been like 50 people. fuck knows why they couldn’t get a bus. no idea what the fare would have been had it been charged.

Actually it was across Paris at rush hour, about £50 because my colleague wouldn’t get on the metro because of terrorists.

£999, Leicester Square to Covent Garden


£80 Orpington > Ashford

u wot

Don’t think I’ve spent more than £20 on a taxi journey. I’ve had a taxi booked for me before that was a lot more expensive than that, though.

is this a london joke is it

700 CHF

(about 500 quid)

Like it was £30 but if you scale it up into Chinese money it would’ve been their equivalent of at least £100

Do pre booked airport cars count? Cos it will be one of them for me (worth it if its for a family with small kids and luggage, or if work are paying

I’ve never spent an eye watering amount of money on a normal taxi journey

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