taxi competition


The driver got lost.

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Still conceptually struggling with this.


really hoping someone comes through with a story of boaking in a cab and having to fork out Big Bucks

got a feeling @kermitwormit could be a contender here

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It’s pretty simple - if you had taken the taxi trip in Beijing in the uk it would’ve cost 100 quid

So a meal in China cost me about £5 that would have cost at least £20/£30 back home. Everything was quite a bit cheaper. So although the taxi cost me £30 in reality it was at least £100? It makes sense in my head :woman_shrugging:

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is that gonna be like £4 in sterling or something

a taxi to beijing would cost way more than £100

£203. Waterloo to Southampton Airport Parkway.

Exeter to Newcastle. Didn’t pay. Something like £1000


new high score!

50% more than that, actually.

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did you run away?

think my dad might be the most unpopular combination of things in Britain: Taxi driver/European immigrant

Have edited, but YASSSSSSSSs winning* :muscle:


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Not in China it wouldn’t

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Got an uber for £57.62 a week back.

A mere £55, Cambridge station to Baldock. Missed the last train home by about four seconds, didn’t I.

Oh actually, scrub that: it was actually somewhere around 100 Euros from Florence to the villa we were staying in somewhere in the Tuscan hills.

I’ve probably told this story before but: somehow, on the morning after our wedding, we managed to leave a folder containing our passport, plane tickets, travel money and all other documents in our hotel. We only realised this when we got to the airport. So in the end we had to:

  • spend the second night of our marriage in a hastily-booked Hilton at Stansted Airport;
  • take a delayed flight the next day to Bologna (NB: there was a strike of Italian air traffic controllers at the time so there were few flights going to Italy);
  • get a train from Bologna to Florence, arriving a good three hours after the car hire company closed, and a good 30 minutes after the last connecting train to Pontassieve, the nearest town to our accommodation.
  • get a taxi from Florence to our destination, maybe an hour’s drive away.

At one point, the taxi pulled into a side street in Pontassieve and a random man got in - at which point I pretty-much assumed that we were heading for a grisly death in the Chianti region. However, the man was simply a local who could navigate the taxi driver up through the hills, up the relevant single-track road and to our destination. We arrived safely, about 30 hours later than planned. I remember giving the taxi driver a hug. His friend, too.



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£70 from Coventry to Milton Keynes after I missed the last train home from a gig.