Taxi for Uber

How will all us unscrupulous millennials get home now?? I’m not getting the nightbus nor a black cab I’ll tell you that.

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There are loads of other companies doing similar stuff in London though right?

Never used an Uber, can’t envisage any occasion where I would do so, quite honestly.


Oh man, Uber’s shit but that’s a fuckload of job losses
My next door neighbour’s an Uber driver with two kids :confused:


Bloody hell!

Widely agree with ruffers here I reckon.

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I used one once and what it cost me I could’ve put down a deposit for a Porsche on Hire Purchase.


Good for you, those who rely on a convenient, safe and relatively affordable way to get home at night are probably less pleased, not to mention the job losses.

Wigs off


I don’t reckon there’s any chance whatsoever that Uber end up renewing their license under slightly stricter and more expensive terms

What’s the rationale for this then? 24 hour tubes > Uber, is that it?

Yeah upon actually reading the article this is something over nothing

Read TfL’s statement:

They’ll renew it with marginally more tax (probably recouped in the long run from westminster policy)

It’ll be to do with the vetting, employment, taxation and insurance /liability conditions, I guess.

Uber are successful because they effectively outsource all of the above onto employees and customers and because VCs keep throwing money at them as a result.

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They can just become regular mini cab drivers instead.

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taxi for uber would’ve been a better title. cheers



How the flying fuck do you book a mini cab?



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