I like the woo-ooh woo-ohh woo-oooh bits
rest is just competent 6/10.

Probably going to lap this up, aren’t I?

Does she knowingly go ‘mmmmm’ at all?


It’s a bit.




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Exactly, great way to sum it up, maybe thats why i dont care for it so much as it seems so formulaic? But ive not been a big fan if swifty since she ditched the pop rock

Although I do like the new song, I do worry there is quite a bit of appropriation going on there.

Here’s the video

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I’ve re-listened to Reputation a few times after watching her Netflix live show and enjoying the songs more.
Listening again today and having a grand old desk bop :partying_face:
It’s really a lot better than I thought when it first came out.
Just FYI.


Same with me, I shunned it until the Netflix thing, but I like it a lot now, it’s got some of her all time best songs on there. And how nice for her that she’s found somebody she’s happy with.

Delicate is my favourite song of her, has this real understated Jesse Ware thing going on. The rest of the album didn’t click in the same way but probably had ridic expectations after 1989. Should revisit it really

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Am i being cynical or as good as the tune is the lyrics are a bit off? Maybe off is the wrong it’s just feels about as cynical as me and with more thoughts on money. That video makes it even worse and the lyrics mention people talking about her on the internet and now its a never ending feedback loop.

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Yür gay :musical_note:

It certainly doesn’t come across as sincere

Exactly. Pretty much the reason why it’s alright, no?

there’s a new song, it doesn’t really go anywhere

Absolutely loving this one, best one of the three.

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I would definitely recommend a revisit. And watch the Reputation tour on Netflix!

Yes, this is good but Katy Perry is going to have something to say about that chorus isn’t she?

I don’t like that new song. It’s very anti climactic.