Title track sounds like Passenger Seat by Death Cab. Record sounds pretty strong but need to give it a bit of time to sink in.

Stand out tracks for me thus far are:

Champagne Problems
Coney Island

I love HAIM but don’t love the HAIM collab. Maybe I need more time with that one.

Yeah I like all of it except for No Body No Crime which is pretty bad imo. Difficult not to read the title to the tune of No Woman No Cry as well.

First 5 songs go incredibly hard, then No Body No Crime kills the momentum and the rest of it is good but doesn’t really get back to as good as it starts again, except for Long Story Short which is v good.

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From approx 2:56 in Coney Island Matt Berninger sounds like Nick Cave. I like that though.

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This person is a true hero

The way the text is aligned for ‘Fearless’ is doing my head in

It’s been a long shit day at work. This just arrived and it makes it better.

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Is that folklore on picture disc?

Nope, Cardigan. From the US site at the time that Folklore was up there in summer

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Haha, that lyric has been irking me as well

This is a screenshot from the article, which hilariously has two clips of Whoopie Goldberg remembering Sister Act instead of the Taylor Swift videos. It made me laugh out loud

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evermore > folklore


As great as Folklore is, I’m inclined to agree.

Blimey. I didn’t want to agree… and I initially didn’t… but I’ve listened to evermore every other day the past 4 months and look forward to each track in succession, haven’t heard folklore in a while.

More than likely pure recency bias