She’s going back to pretending she’s from the south again?

I’m not sure what’s happening but I stan it. Album of 2019 here

Didn’t she come out in support of a Democrat politician in the south last year? Maybe this is phase 2!

Oh gosh I love her outfit so much.
Didn’t listen to Reputation much when it came out but watched the Reputation tour on Netflix and it made me go back and listen again and it’s really not bad.

Yeah I hated Reputation when it came out, but I watched the Netflix show and then started listening back to the album and it’s actually really really good if you delete Endgame. Songs like Dress, King Of My Heart and New Years Day, the ones about how happy she is now with Joe are some of the best stuff she’s ever done. Even though I’m still pretty angery with her for the Verified Fan bullshit, I do love her and I’ve been a huge fan since the beginning and I’m excited to hear new stuff. I just hope she doesn’t do any predatory shit with the ticket sales for any upcoming tour, as this will be the first one she’s done where I’m not too poor to go.

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The Verified Fan stuff was really, really appalling, especially for someone who prides herself on/part of her brand is her relationship with her fans.

Fingers crossed you get tickets! And fingers crossed I do too!

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I’m unashamedly a huge fan.

Apologies. I couldn’t get the quote thing to work, maybe due to the numbers.

Anyway, live she’s always been brilliant and I really enjoyed Reputation on Netflix.

Might need some time to adjust to this one… But I do like this video.

Bit naff, really, but all her lead singles tend to be.

WANEGBT 6/10 - Red 8/10
SIO 6/10 - 1989 9/10
LWYMMD 4/10 - Reputation 7/10

How you not gonna give this song 10/10 is beyond me


Yes! And Look What You Made Me Do

I wish there’d been more of the cats :frowning:

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:grimacing: this isn’t very good at all

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Nice that she has done Boots next ad campaign for them.

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Old Taylor’s dead, new Taylor is Emily Sande


Sounds like a great big massive pop hit to me. I mean if this is your sort of thing it’s pretty much perfect isn’t it?

I think I liked ‘edgy’ Taylor Swift more than this bland appetiser

Bad song

not a fan

nice to have her back anyway

Is it? At this point it feels like returning to an abusive spouse? She died after 1989