seeing that one of the regions was named “TayTay GETCHO SKA ON GIRLLLLL” made me sad that I couldn’t give it more than one like

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She showed up at a 1975 concert in London last night and played anti hero

All this popping up at other people’s London concerts makes me hold out a little hope she might still do Glastonbury

I really do enjoy random very British celebrities popping up next to very internationally famous people. Although I suppose is in this case it really shouldn’t be random


At one time she was her from the Rovers and an icon, but now I just associate her with being on that bananas right wing daytime show, and her walking red flag of a son.


Didn’t she own the Rovers after Jack & Vera? Don’t know what she’s doing now there was a video of her defending Harry & Meghan going round the other week.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I don’t think I’m old enough to remember who owned it before her. Didn’t know Jack and Vera ever had!

I think Alec Gilroy ousted Jack and Vera before Natalie had it off him. Could be missing someone in between though.

I thought Liz Macdonald owned it but wikipedia tells me she was a bar maid before getting her own pub, The Queens.

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I remember the Queens they used the Pig & Porcupine on Deansgate to film in. Blatantly obvious they wanted to go and get pissed in a real pub while filming and The White Lion wouldn’t have them.

I thought Liz had it at some point as well!

Fucking love Liz MacDonald, the Dolly Parton of the north

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T-Swiz is a feet guy, confirmed

Absolutely no way am I clicking

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I believe the answer will be wholesome

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i’ll be honest with you, the question goes unanswered

i better check in case you missed anything

watch out for all the feet pics!

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very, very odd article this

I Dont Arrested Development GIF


Four new (old) songs tonight, apparently!

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