44 songs!

Taylor Swift Setlist State Farm Stadium, Glendale, AZ, USA 2023, The Eras Tour
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good to see she agrees Folklore is her best album




That’s like four full album sets haa


1 song from speak now and all that shit from reputation. No wonder ive fallen out of love with taylor swift. Hasnt a clue what here best material is (speak now and red)

what a weird way of doing a setlist

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Some people like Reputation


If you watch the Reputation tour concert, she’s been structuring her shows into little pockets since at least then. All that’s really different here is that they’re grouped by album; there’s a whole bunch of runs of songs there that clearly go together amazingly! Plus it allows it to ebb and flow over that running time, and gives space for set and costume changes to theme the eras. Makes tonnes of sense to me


oh yeah i guess it makes sense, just really unusual

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3 hours 15 minutes performing. Christ


Springsteen Esque.

Wonder how it will change by the time it gets to us next year in the UK.

Hoping for a tour announcement at some point…

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Love this. Not arsed in the slightest about her music but always appreciate it when an artist goes all out with a proper juggernaut of a show.

She probably saw how much people were paying on Ticketmaster and was like “shit, better pull all the stops out”


Have seen around 8000 videos of this show on TikTok now and it looks absolutely astonishingly good. Makes me a bit miserable that I won’t get the chance to go and see it.


Likely saving the Speak Now songs for when the re-record is released this year. Performing them now would be sort of spoilers for what’s upcoming and potentially cannibalise some of the buzz.

I hope they release a full recorded version of it so I can watch it.

But without the weird slow mo they kept putting in for parts of every song, with a previous tour of hers.


Yeah I quite like watching fan-shot footage of it cause it’s just as it happened with no cinematic bits. I think the opening night was livestreamed in America so it might be the same when she comes over here.

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I’m sure they will, and the release day for that is going to be my Superbowl Sunday.

Or indeed if this happens, that’s very much a ‘hold all my calls, I’m getting snacks and not leaving my sofa’ event. I’m too anxious to go even if I could afford it, but I will blast a recording of it straight into my ears and eyes and love it so much!

Also I’m a big proper mook and I love the cinematic stuff too, so any packaging of it with high-quality audio is going to be amazing for me


I want it professionally recorded with quality sound etc but I want it as performed, not with annoying slow mo added to every song and/or clips inbetween songs where TS talks about the making of the song or whatever. Just give me the whole show in great qualitY!


Oh no, lose those - I’m thinking like the Reputation tour show where it’s just in really, really good quality and a bit messed with to make it punchy. I stopped watching the Long Pond stuff because it irritated me!

Obviously as pure an experience as possible is best, but it’s gonna be a product at the end of the day so I just want as much dopamine in my face as possible!

The songs sounded exactly as recorded too, really pointless.

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