Arguing about this at work. I think Yorkshire is way stronger than any of the other shite, but the southern lot think PG Tips is(??). And they think that Tetley and Typhoo are stronger too. Seriously, has anyone ever actually enjoyed Typhoo?

A) What are they on about?
and B) What’s ya favourite tea

The strongest tea is:

  • Yorkshire
  • Tetley
  • PG Tips
  • Typhoo

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And what’s yer poison?

  • Yorkshire
  • Tetley
  • PG Tips
  • Typhoo
  • Twining’s
  • Barry’s
  • Some posh shite
  • Some cheap shite

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File that under ‘some posh shite’

usually without sugar but sometimes with
can’t relate to people who drink their tea the same way every time

:clap: i :clap: love :clap: yorkshire :clap: tea! :clap:


I think it was largely panned on here at the time, but I enjoyed that Yorkshire Tea ad with the Kaiser Chiefs on it


In terms of tea:

  • Saino’s own-brand red label muck for weekday (work) drinking;
  • Something nice for the weekend (either Twinings or Dorset Tea or whatever’s on offer);
  • Decaf in the evenings.
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The big debate at BargainMax HQ before Christmas was whether the phrase “builder’s tea” was problematic. I’ve only ever heard poshos like Toby use it in real life, so sadly I had to conclude that yes, yes it is.


This thread is going to cause a beeve or 2.

I’ll therefore bid you farewell and leave you to discuss tea.



  • squeeze that bag until the spoon stands up in the tea, chum
  • medium strength
  • witch piss

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  • always
  • just a dash
  • never
  • sometimes

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  • 2+
  • 2 only
  • just the one, i’m driving
  • sometimes
  • i’m sweet enough

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Classic Toby


tea without milk is very nice imo

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every standard tea in the UK is good apart from twinings, which is an abomination (barely a step up from lipton yellow label, whose being a standard offering on the continent is reason enough for brexit alone). [NB as EU scum myself, this is self-deprecating]

mrmrongov have you had this

lovely stuff, and the man delivers it in a van!

mainly black, also drink green, chai, peppermint or camomile regularly.

They all taste basically the same, imcorrecto.


Whatever’s on offer if there’s no Henry-J Thompson’s finest reserve punjana

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No! Never even heard of it. I can’t even tell if this a trick or joke! (it makes itself sound good though)

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it’s real! i will show you:


reckon the best way of consuming tea would be via a machine that gives you a randomly generated teabag, strength and milk & sugar quantities each day.
really keep you on your toes