Teabags 🍵

Yorkshire < Twinnings < Tetley < PG Tips < Typhoo

i’d put pg tipps after yorkshire

Assam > everything else

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What about Clipper?


Phew. Was half-expecting this was the Thursday filth thread.

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Lyons/Barrys > everything else

I’m happy to agree with that.

Might swap Yorkshire with Twinings. I know Yorkie Tea is shit, but at least it’s just ‘normal tea’ and none of that fanny shit

Can we all agree that Typhoo is the fucking worst though? Proper Brexit tea.

English Brexit tea.

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Have you got your symbols the right way round?

What a fucking disgrace.




I can’t taste the difference between an own-brand teabag and the most popular brands.

I do like a Twinings Everyday, though.

You know what, you’re right. I should be buying more assam. Thanks.

This is the right answer

Hmmm. Weird quoting. Haven’t quite got the hang of this yet…

I have flagged the OP for this.

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i still can’t edit posts, only the title of the OP

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Yorkshire Gold and Twinings English Breakfast thanks

Love me some Earl Grey

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