Teachers that were really nice and you'd probably be mates with

Just to prove it’s possible to have nice relationships with teachers

My English teacher, Mr Thomas, was an excellent man who was into the Ramones and decent books, and would have a whiskey or two with us when we were in sixth form

Still Facebook pals with the peng History teacher.

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Mr Nyati, the IT teacher. I think he was like in between careers and obviously didn’t give a fuck about the job, but was just an all round good guy.

remember once when I was playing miniclip pool when I was supposed to be working, a message pops up on my screen saying “get back to work!”. I turn around slowly to his desk, where he has this massive shiteating grin plastered all over his face nodding slowly. Just a perfect moment I’ll never forget.


One of my music teachers was a cool guy who we used to go for a beer with in 6th form. Read recently that he had been banned from teaching for being in a relationship with someone in the year above.

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also liked the NBA and would bring in Zimbabwean treats for us all.

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My Media Studies teacher was one of the most influential and excellent people that I have dealt with on this planet. The guy was a fucking legend.

Introduced me to a shitload of films that I loved, was really willing to let me do my own thing in lessons and would give me equipment to me for curricular stuff that I did, let me take cameras and iMacs home when it was against the rules etc.

Once turned up stinkingly hungover and got me to take his year 7 lesson for him when I was in sixth form :smiley:


Yeah my English teacher and old form tutor Mr Moffatt. Always got proper behind me and encouraged me. Would love to see what hes doing now and have a swifty

yeah english teachers for me as well. one started a photography club and i was the only person who turned up so it didn’t go ahead ;_; and another one would throw us a pool party every year at her house

He’s probably a DiSer tbh so I’m not going to mention him by name (and it’s very distinctive), but there was one who was a great, great bunch of lads.

I’ve read this back and it’s an utterly worthless post of nothingness but I’ve written it now and you’ve just read it haha


No, just the pub a few times.


I’m going with in_wainbows

My tutor of 5 years, Mr Roe, just a top, top egg.

Drove a few pals to McDonald’s once without signing out properly and when we got back to school a trial fire alarm was called. We slinked over to line up with the rest of our form, Maccies bags in hands, thinking that he was gonna bollock us but he just laughed and helped himself to a few chips.

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Mr DiVilliers, my art teacher. Bumped into him last year and addressed him as sir, he laughed and told me I don’t need to call him sir because his name is tom.
We had a few beers together and had a right laugh, good cunt.


you’ve reminded me of one of my favourite school memories

A guy was playing games in IT (the entire class was, naturally). Teacher says what are you doing there? Boy says oh nothing. Teacher says oh well you do know there’s this thing called history so let’s have a little look… ten seconds later the teachers booming voice rang out across the class “I see… so you were playing penis tennis”


Always does this, still call them ‘sir’ or ‘miss’ whenever I bump into any of them in my hometown.


We had a History teacher who was good fun when we were aged 16/17.

Then met him at the funeral of my best mate’s Dad and he spent the entire time being quite creepy / making inappropriate jokes as the coffin was being taken into the crem etc.

Not for me, Clive.

Mrs Lenaghan and Miss Blease, both A-level English teachers, went round to Mrs Lenaghan’s house just before A-levels.

Mr Knox, A-level French, great guy, well old and had a football shirt with “Camus” on the back.

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