Teachers that were really nice and you'd probably be mates with

Mr Schofield was a fantastic teacher and really encouraged me to pursue my own interests, definitely a huge influence on my life.

Found out recently that he voted Brexit. Weird.

One of my history teachers was really ace. He was a man of solidly left wing views and apparently back in the days before the collapse of the USSR used to get free copies of the Communist Manifesto sent from the Soviet Embassy in London for the school library. He was funny and knowledgeable, but had a slightly alarming habit of bellowing “I HATE YOU ALL!” If no one knew the right answer to his question.

Died a few years back, sadly.

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Wonder if all the kids feel this way about @fappable. I hope so :smiley:

Several to be honest. Even some that I was a little trouble for at the time (not intentionally mind). Was really lucky to have several great teachers (although definitely also had some shit ones too).

A couple of lecturers at uni did become friends/stay in touch

Mr Batty was alright. Cynical English maths teacher who was really into the Smiths. Used to get into arguments with our mate Willy, who hated the Smiths and loved the Ramones.

Mrs Guidera was good, real down to earth and on our level (which when you’re at a Catholic boys school and getting sex ‘advice’ from a fucking geriatric priest, was worth a lot). Had a few uni classes with her a few years later, she was good.

We had the obligatory “hip drama teacher who’s dating a school girl” too.

I had one like this too, Mr Williams, good guy. There were loads of rumours about his commie past, the main one being that he was chased across Red Square by the KGB in the 80s.

Mr Howell was another brilliant history teacher who managed to convince the head to let him reenact the Battle of the Somme with the whole of Year 8 on the school field. It was brutal AND beautiful.


The Somme thing sounds amazing. Would’ve loved doing something like that at that age. I can imagine the complaints though: “Dear Head Teacher, darling Johnny came home from school this afternoon absolutely caked in mud …”

“…and riddled with bullets”


“… With a pair of underpants on his head and pencils up his nose”


I get invited to their bday parties or round their houses for tea but i can’t ever go :disappointed:

They are besotted. :smile:


I still write to my high school literature teacher via e-mail. She wants us to have a coffee sometime.

I used to see Mr Brickwood at metal/ alt-rock gigs in the years just before and after I left school. I think he’s still at the school now (20 ish years later.)

Certainly did not boff any of my teachers.

Remember one of the younger teachers being quite embarrassed when one of my classmates pointed out “Saw you at Cream on the weekend, Miss”.

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I get a magazine from school (it’s so up itself, i don’t pay for it or anything), it’s there when I get home at christmas, I check it every year to make sure that he’s still knocking about.

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