Teaching in the UK


So this is gonna sound a bit strange, but…

If you were to teach somewhere in the UK, where would it be?

I’m Australian you see, looking to expand my worldview, though I mainly want to move to the UK to (surprisingly) start a band of some kind. I’m living in a small culture-less city and DiS has inspired me.

What’s ya’ll thoughts? What’s it like over there?

How was school like for you?



are you a qualified teacher? what would you be teaching?


I am. Have been teaching for three years.

English unfortunately. Sometimes I wish I was a physics teacher.


you’re going to have to be more specific really - like what age group do you teach, what type of schools do you work in


I teach Senior English (Year 12). Currently at a relatively rough public school. I’m secondary trained, so 12-18 or whatever age it is over there.


If you want culture you should probably consider going to a better country.


Greece does better yoghurts than the UK, true.


Take into account I’m living in QLD, Australia.


We’re just as bad, worse even, but colder.


Guess that’s something I’ll have to experience myself.


The TV is currently on TeachFirst as a secondary school English teacher in a Harris Academy. It’s a big academy chain across London super focused on stats and hitting targets in core subjects i.e. English. She leaves the house at 6:30 and gets home at 6:30, with more work to do when she gets in and no energy to go and do cultural things.

Would probably stay in Australia.


@pichaelmarker got any advice?


Hmmm. Never trust those shows. They’re generally full of protestant work ethic nutters. Those shows exist here as well and portray teaching as the most awful thing in the world. Maybe it is over there, but once again, I’m not going to eschew it because of a TV show.


Apologies - TV = Thinly Vieled = My Girlfriend


The sex pistols first draft lacked a bit of punch


It’s all good.

I’m also teaching at a relatively rough school at the moment. Also not new anymore (three years) so I should be able to cope.


I don’t know enough to say much about teaching in the UK really (other than it’s very tough at the moment, even more so if you’ve not already got your lesson plans all sorted), but any of the big cities will have loads of stuff going on, and schools in London, in particular, are very good. Cities like Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds, Brighton, Bristol and Cambridge have loads going on, but it can be pretty variable within those cities, so do your research. Financially, you’ll find it easier in one of the cities excluding London, Brighton, Bristol or Cambridge.

Given how Further Education colleges (16+) are being defunded by this government, you’re probably better off targeting a secondary school, and if you want to teach those in the 16-18 age bracket, maybe one that has its own ‘sixth form’.




Yeah the Kafkaesque obsession with statistics is pretty bad. I have stories.


Both correct mate.