Team building


Hi team :wave:

So I have to organise our team building activity at work. It’s in March and should probably take 1-3 hours. Any ideas? (Basically, do my work for me, DiS)

Also tell stories about hilarious team building misadventures if you feel like it. Lots of chat encouraged.

Have fun!!!


One of those locked room things? Crystal Maze?


Oh wait, you’re abroad aren’t you. Not Crystal Maze.




Yeah I thought about an escape room type thing. Anyone done one? Experiences plz.


The last one I did was in New York where they took me (being the only english person on the team) to a Sherlock Holmes themed escape room. They thought because I am english, i’ll be really good at it cause ya know, sherlock holmes.

Problem is I know nothing about Sherlock Holmes tbh but I am very good at solving puzzles.

There was a girl on the team who I wanted to murder though. We had to find a 4 letter word but she kept shouting out words with 5 letters. In the end I went a bit much and was like FOUR LETTERS. FOUR LETTERS.


We usually end up doing some treasure hunt stuff where you’ve got to run about town or a locked room thing.

I’m not sure how much they actually build a team tbh, in one of ours a team in the next room got quite bad-tempered when a 9-piece jigsaw puzzle took them 15 minutes to complete.


I had to do a treasure hunt team building thing once, I had the genius idea of ‘maybe we should split up’ thus dissolving the team


Something really dreadful, like a team run or clearing rubbish from the side of the road or something. Basically anything that will unite the team in hatred of a common enemy (you).


There’s a Sherlock Holmes one here! I’m worried though that it’ll just expose me as being really dumb if I don’t get any of the answers


Murder someone, you’ll be bonded for life


I thought about group yoga???


Great idea. Do the one that happens in a really hot room and makes everyone fart.


At my old consulting job, we got banned from having overnight team building events after everything got too debauched the one time we tried it. There was a weird circle of spooning in a tree house, a senior female staff member going for a midnight dip in their underwear in the pool with two pretty junior guys, and another senior staff member eulogising in front of a reasonable crowd about BJs and telling my mate over and over that it was ok he was gay (he wasn’t, not that that’s particularly important).

So, erm, bear that in mind.


I’d probably just think about whoever is the lowest paid/least happy person to be there and try and do something they’d excel at


Group everyone gets to kick the boss up the arse.


Yeah but what was the actual activity??? Lol


Probably me bwahahahahahahaha


Cycling, canoeing, kayaking in the New Forest the day after when everyone was exceptionally hungover :smiley:


You’ve got to prop each other up though so even though you might not know one thing, someone else would be able to know that and you’ll help with other stuff.

It’s also not even really about the actual puzzles or knowledge. One lady in the team was organizing the clues and making sure we got everything in order which was an insanely helpful part of it.