Tears For Fears

Any fans treading on this here board? Bloody love them. Managed to get a ticket for their UK tour next May.

These are the things we can do without


You talking to me?


Come on!


Yes I am a fan…as I was as a kid…love The Hurting in particular…really up for the gigs but couldn’t quite justfiy the £60 odd expenditure especially with Primavera so soon after. I think its a long shot they will play Primavera - probably too pop…though OMD did play a couple of years ago so you never know…

I will probably end up playing it by ear nearer the time in the hope I can get a ticket off Scarletmist or similar.

I’ll kick myself if I miss out

Gutted I didn’t know this tour was going on sale but I caught their first UK show for 11 years last year at Newmarket race course - it was fantastic. Huge, huge fan of the first two albums.

Funnily enough I was in the car recently and everybody wants to rule the world came on and I thought to myself ‘man what a fucking amazing track!’

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Loved Mad World when that was initially released but they did seem to embrace to 80’s Beatles tag to keenly and are little more than 80’s relics now. One great song.

Head Over Heels is an ATG tune.

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