Teasday Thread

Morning :wave: how are ya?

Got the kettle on. Fancy a cuppa? :coffee: :tea: milk? Sugar?

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God, why did I have a skinful on a monday night :dizzy_face: not sure i could even get a cuppa down right now. Today is going to suck. :face_vomiting:


:frowning: oh dear.

I think this might call for… Third breakfast!

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Drop of milk, no sugar, cheers pal

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Stuck in a massive traffic jam. Yay. Listening to Dan Deacon though so…

This ^

I’m on a training course this morning called The Art Of Being Brilliant. I think I might win/lose this thread.


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I’m actually feeling quite fresh this morning (sorry Marco).

Just 33 days in the job left. Fuuuuuckkkk

Pls pass on any tips on being brilliant. I could do with some, thank you :smiley:

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Pfff you wrote the book on being brilliant

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Morning all! Thinking about getting up but it’s so comfy here in bed :frowning:

Weathers pretty great here atm so feeling like I should make the most of it. I have two weeks of podcasts to catch up on, feels like Christmas!


Haha ooooh you charmer you :kissing_heart:


Oooft for reals? I didn’t really feel drunk or anything, mostly fine this morn. Hang in there pintman :smiley:


Just not cut out for it anymore, maaaan

That’ll learn ya for your agist rant last night.


I’d like to say I’m going to do something productive today, but I’ll probably just do a spot of writing then get caught up in the food network.


Please respect my privacy :pray:

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Had coffee ta. Though it wasn’t that great though as there wasn’t quite enough left in the packet and I couldn’t be arsed to open a new one.

The wind made a right racket. Knocked over some bins too, the lout.

Braving the cold, wind and rain and heading to Edinburgh. Looking out the train window at some real grimness.

Haven’t done half the pre-reading I needed to do for this training, should be doing it now but CBA.

jam doughnuts, jam DOUGHnuts :doughnut: