Tech advice thread 2020

Yo! I need a new phone and also laptop! Help me.

• I want to buy a phone outright and see loads of adverts on Google for companies that import for Considerably Cheaper than buying it through official means. Are these super dodge?

Post your own questions in this thread too I suppose.

iPhone 11 pro max and MacBook Pro

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Also I’ve used Einfinity before to import Sennheiser HD800 headphones 500quid below retail and it was great

Are you talking to me in geordie?


Should add - I want a OnePlus 7 probably unless there’s something better for cheaper?

They’re are a Chinese phone manufacture if you dont the Chinese government having ur information.

I loved my OnePlus 3 so looked at the latest one when it died but £729 for a phone is a pisstake. I got a Google Pixel 3a XL for £400 instead, which is still a pisstake, but whatever.

I mean it won’t have better specs but it’s a good phone, it’s fast, and it isn’t seven hundred fucking dollaridoos.

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Don’t think I’m planning on any tech purchases this year. I’ll come back in 2021 and let you all know how I got in.

Please do!

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Ok bye


Don’t really like/rate Apple tbh tbf.

Take care, please.



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I bought an iPad from a Chinese company. eGlobal.

It was a stressful experience but I did eventually get it and iPaid considerably less than was available on these fair shores.

for the phone, get a Motorola for about £150 - anything else is pointless extravagance these days (unless you neeeed a good camera I suppose)

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I do. My cat has demanded it


Get an Apple. They don’t get viruses.

For your laptop, what do you want to use it for? This will help to decide which one to go for