Tech help (Google Drive / Youtube)

I have a video (mp4 file) that is 5GB big in my Google Drive. I want to put is an unlisted video on Youtube. Despite these both being Google properties, this does not seem to be a simple thing to accomplish using my work Mac. If I’m in Youtube, the only files I can find to upload are local files on my computer (and I can’t seem to download the vid from Drive to the computer), and in Drive there doesn’t seem to be any option to publish it to Youtube.

Any ideas?

Can you open the file? Should be able to download it from there?

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can’t be done.

any chance you can film it again but smaller?



Have you tried on a mobile, rather than on an actual PC/Mac? Mobiles tend to be a bit keener on hooking cloudy online stuff together. Well Android does compared to Windows. No sympathy of you’re an Apple chump, frankly.

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I have an iPhone and my work computer is a Mac . :grimacing:

Interesting, so in Beta (which it’s pushing me to use) I don’t seem to have that option, but in “classic” I do.

Weirdly, my channel only seems visible in Beta - in classic it says I have no videos, in Beta I have the one I’ve previously done.

There’s your problem, pal.

Well my Drive videos don’t seem to be synced with Google Photo…

Currently experimenting with the mobile route. Why doesn’t this shit just work?

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Cheers, I’ve uploaded the vid to Google Photos, waiting for it to load. Then will see if it will upload to Youtube classic and if it will still appear in Beta.

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This’ll learn ya for relying on the Googlesphere.

Dropbox, yo.

I should add, last night I did this all very simply on my Chromebook (when you select upload the only local files it has are in Drive) for one video, but this second one, which is 90mins long, would load for ages then seem to fail at the end because it reckoned I had abandoned it (bit needy) hence why I’m trying to just do it in the background at work.

Finally got to try load it.

It was rejected under a copyright claim.