Tech polls

I own

  • Mac desktop
    • Mac laptop
    • Windows desktop
    • Windows laptop
    • Android phone
    • iPhone
    • Other phone please state
    • iPad
    • Kindle or other reading device
    • Smart speaker
    • Smart lightbulb
    • Smart fridge
    • Smart plug
    • Smart other please state
    • WiFi headphones
    • Wired headphones
    • Other tech not listed

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can only vote for one so going for my fav

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Taps tagline


ah you’ve changed it now anyway thanks!

Kind of hate how much I love tech stuff but it is very cool.

I have headphones with no wires! I can wear them in bed, in the bath, doing gardening, it’s brilliant!


wireless EARphones that I use when I’m out and about/exercising.

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and I must say, they have been a revelation.

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Other is an android tablet. Use it just for watching stuff in my room. Newer apps aren’t supported on it and older ones like iplayer are gradually also not compatible with more updates :frowning:

Hate forced obsolescence of tech, it is so wasteful.


they come with a little charging box you keep them in


which is more difficult to lose than regular earbuds imo.

cos they’re maaassive

in fact, i’m so happy with my wireless earphones, its one of those situations where i’m a customer for life. never have fallen out, taken a right beating over the past 8 months. already worth the money.

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here they are if you want to join me in paradise


sorry I misread you weren’t talking to me

how much do smart lightbulbs cost?

my ‘other tech’ is a very cheap Android tablet that i only bought recently, my first ever tablet (excluding work tech). and a bluetooth speaker, which i also got within the last year for the first time. i’m modernising.

Genuinely can’t remember but I have one and am a cheapskate so canae have been much

£12-25 each if you’re not a total mug like @anon29812515 and buy the £94 Phillips ones

£12 is reasonable enough, assumed they’d cost a fortune. still not for me though.

Other - Samsung smart watch, Wattbike smart bike, Wahoo bike computer, Assioma power meter pedals #whatafuckingbikewanker