tech things that are much worse than they should be


Fucking everything mate


Bluetooth connectivity.


MIDI connectivity.


Do you think you’re worth the money @discobot?


:crystal_ball: My reply is no


Not all tech unless you take a broad view of the definition of technology, but all dogshit:
Windscreen wipers
Vegetable peelers



What’s wrong here?

cheap phones are actually way better than they should be/that people will have you believe, there’s no reason to pay more than £50 for a phone these days


Most designs are uncomfortable to use, they’re often fragile and/or hard to clean, and usually when I peel a carrot I find the peel just sort of sits back down where it was so I have to remove it in between each stroke of the peeler.


Everything apple makes because they always find a way to make it circumstantially useless unless youre fully invested in their ecosystem

@1101010 had a great example recebtly i forgot what it was


imo one of these with the half rotating blades is the absolute business


Great bit of tech

The fixed blade ones can gtf tho


2 problems with those

  1. The handle itself is uncomfortable to hold
  2. To get enough purchase I need to be holding it up to past where the handle ends, partially on the rotating bit, which is also uncomfortable

We’ve got one similar to this, so it’s much more comfortable to use, but it’s impossible to clean thoroughly around the blade and still has the carrot peel issue I mentioned

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Guess I have big hand privilege or something


Ah it was probably my attempt yo use Apple TV on my Google Chromecast thing.

You can do that but if, like me, you don’t remember your AppleID password and don’t have an apple device setup yo allow you, you’re stuffed!

Obviously, fine when the AppleID is only used on their devices (although friends have said it’s still caused them issues) but ridiculous when you’re opening up to the rest of the world.

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There are lots of things in the world that don’t work as well as they should. We’re not talking about things that are inefficient or poorly designed — we’re talking about things that are outright broken.

Here are some examples.

  1. The cable TV experience still sucks more than it should

  2. WiFi routers are still too complicated and hard to set up

  3. There’s still no good way to control your smart home remotely

  4. The Apple Watch is still too expensive and limited

  5. Air travel websites are still riddled with misinformation and confusion

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then a list of things which are inefficient or poorly designed

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Can’t even count the numer of personally traumatising experiences I’ve had with setting up PA systems for film screenings. It’s always the fucking audio that doesn’t work or is fucked somehow. So, that.

Uh there are plenty of routers around whicj are easy to set up? I changed my home set up to a mesh network and literally all i had to do was turn on an app and basically fill out a survey

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I agree you need an nice handle but the old plastic bristled brush cleans these great. The best peeler