Techie help please! Adjusting date / time stamp on a batch of photo files (Windows, yes I know)

I have about 300 photos that I’ve uploaded to my laptop (Windows 10). When we last changed the batteries on our camera, we forgot to change the date and time on the camera and therefore the date / time stamp is about 17 years and 3 months out of date…

All well and good, but when you go to view the pics on the Windows photo gallery, they appear as January 2000, February 2000 and so on.

Anyway, has this happened to you? And did you manage to fix it? I have found something called exiftool but tbh I’m really not sure what I’m doing with it.

select them all, then right click → properties

should be some kind of ‘date taken’ field you can edit and if you have them all selected it should do them all in one go

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Oh actually yeah this seems to be working. I tried that at first but it didn’t work. If I do “apply” and then “OK” then it seems to work alright.

I can at least get them in the right day / month :slight_smile:

Sounds like you’ve got it sorted but, if you need an option, Irfanview is usually good for batch edit tasks like this.

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I’ll look that up for next time it happens :smiley: