Technical headphones question

Today i bought a pair of ‘u-Jays’ on-ear headphones from Fopp for £20. The front of the box says ‘Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad’. The headphones have a 3-button remote and when i use them with my 160GB iPod Classic, the sound only comes out of one speaker unless i hold the mic button on the remote (when i do this i get the full sound out of both speakers). Does this mean that the headphones are simply not compatible with my old iPod Classic?

Sounds like they are broken. Have you tried them with any other device ?

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Tried them in the PC at work and the same thing happens…have to hold down the mic remote button to get sound out of both speakers. I will return them!


Yeah any 3.5mm headphome should be compatible with any 3.5mm output. These are broken. Sounds like a wiring problem. The inline remote is the only thing affected by compatibility