Technical Jackets 2k19 (rolling)

going to an outdoor gig at the weekend, need a waterproof. Also planning on some ‘light hiking’ at some point in the summer.

What you rocking this season?
who’s making the good packable gear at the moment? Decathlon is literally not an option.

I’m sorry I’m such a troll. download


See lots of folk in rab jackets these days. Meant to be very good but also quite spenny

I got a nice Rab cagoul that is really thin and packs small (about the size of a large “west country” pasty). Waterproof and breathable so good for summer rain

Yeah gf has one, which I think means I can’t get one. I’m not the person to ask but I dont think his and hers technical jackets are too hot right now (actually they probably are, even more reason for me to not get one).

I’m not finding my blocktech coat to be as water resistant as I wanted, great against wind though.

I mean, it does help a bit, but in conditions like today I was still wet through :frowning:

Cant believe you didnt @ me

I very very nearly did

My mate and his partner have like 6 rabs between them because her sister works for them. Pair of utter dorks (warm, comfortable dorks though I suppose)

+1 for rab stuff.

like the look of some of alpkit’s jackets too, but not tried any yet. thinking about going for this bad boy

Still rocking the Patagonia torrentshell. Served me well in the pissing rain today. Like the Rab and Arcteryx (sp?) stuff but yeah well spenny.

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What’s a technical jacket, like one of those army jackets with the German flag?

That’s probably the opposite of a technical jacket

These days I just have my trusty Peter Storm zip-up pac-a-mac which I combine with a cotton layer like a hoodie or a flannel shirt and/or a uniqlo light merino wool sweater. Works well.

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Need one myself. Rab, haglof, montane all in the running… not sure yet :confused:

Yes. Was on a stag weekend in Inverness a few weeks back and I became quite enamoured with my mates Arcteryx jacket. 'Cos I really need a technical jacket for stag weekends once a year.

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Oh. Didn’t realise they had a shop in the west end.

if you’re on a budget this is the one to get. knew badders would have the right answer :sunglasses:

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That’s why you buy one of these

and combine them.

This one keeps me really dry.

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