Technical Music

Post examples of great technical music in this thread. This is the technical music thread.


Is saying that Tool make Technical Music a bit like saying Deafheaven make Black Metal?

By the way, if anyone’s looking to make mad dollar, write some music and upload it to Spotify under the name Tool. Spotify don’t seem to give a fuck and look at those playcounts.

is this technical music as in the complicated machinery employed, or technical music as in the sheer mind-boggling technical virtuosity of what is being played? Cause if it’s the latter, I offer Robert Fripp and his guitar circa 2000 to the world:


Good question, I’m gonna allow both.

For the guitar spods, once Fripp kicks in he’s playing exclusively picked 16th-notes at 138bpm in a bewlidering array of time signatures - one transcription I’ve seen says 4/4, 6/4, 7/4, 10/4, 14/4, 23/4, 24/4 amongst others all used at some time or another. Technical virtuosity doesn’t usually equal good music, but as far as I’m concerned, in Fripp’s case it does :slight_smile:

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I reckon Pretend are one of the best “technical” bands around. If for no other reason than the drumming on this track:

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Before he was in Death Grips:


Their latest album is so so good! Just the way they can switch tack so effortlessly is incredible. Hope they don’t take so long with the next one though!

Their best song as far as I’m concerned.

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Not music, but what does it mean you go in an outdoor shop and they start babbling about ‘technical’ jackets and things? Sounds to me like a load of death-throes-of-late-capitalism-marketing bollocks designed to make people feel they are superior and somehow special because they bought some Gore-tex, but I stand to be corrected.

There were only two years between Tapestry’d Life and Circular Raesoning, right? Felt like it came out almost immediately, given the six year wait after the debut.

Either way, I’m already ready for more from them.

It’s Autechre.

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! Didn’t realise they’d released anything new considering how long Tapestry’d Life took! Thank you sir for this glorious surprise!

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here you go maoam

Leave it to the japanese to go over the top in just the right way <3