Technical skicard question

Is it possible to use a non ticketcorner reloadable skicard in a ticketcorner ski resort in Switzerland (it’s one for Davos if that helps)?

I was able to register it on their website, but I’m a bit scared of attempting to load it up with £200-worth of liftcard and then for it not to work or whatever.

Please don’t all reply at once.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
  • I don’t know
  • Could you repeat the question

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yeah should be fine

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Could ask your mates down at the Conservative party.


…don’t think so?

Thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately the person who deals with these queries is away from his desk at the moment. Can I take a message and get him to call you back?

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I doubt it?

Why not just get the right skicard

What is a skicard?

was looking at the word “skicard” for ages being like “what the FUCK is that??”


Jean-Luc Skicard


Is this a secular Christmas card?

Only just realised that his name is a nod to Godard, huh.


you come back for THIS?


Quit nerding up the skicard thread, nerd.

never :vulcan_salute:

It’s my one remaining area of expertise.

Also, I don’t know what you are talking about, I have been posting for at least half an hour.

going to a resort with FLEXIBLE LIFT PASS PRICES. They’re cheaper in advance. If I ordered the correct skicard, it would probably arrive after I’ve left for Switzerland.

Won’t Theresa May help me??

I only monitor a maximum of three threads a day now.

where have you been SINCE then tho please

i think I mean before don’t I?

OUT, mum.

making a baby, obv