socks: smart wool, pretty tech 4/5
shoes: fairly civilian but with some added goretex-y bits 3/5
trouser: standard jeans. no technical features 0/5
t-shirt: standard, but pure cotton 1/5
jacket: PURE TECH, volume adjuster hood, pit zips, the lot 5/5

for a total of 13/25

pretty poor showing

*jacket currently hanging up

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I’m still sat in cycling gear

socks : cycling specific 5/5
shows : winter cycling boots 5/5
trousers : knee length mountain bike shorts with padded liner 5/5
t-shirt : endura cycling top 5/5
jacket : gore cycling jacket 5/5


Basically Robocop


My shirt is cotton I suppose.


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Shoes: dc skating trainers 3/5
Socks: bamboo 2/5
Trousers :: jeans 0/5
Bra: holds them up 3/5
Top: Jumper 0/5


bamboo socks? tell me more

this has done me


Socks: basic cotton, no reinforced heels or anything. Nice purple stripes mind 0/5
Shoes: not wearing any 0/5
Trouser: just come back from dog walk so wearing Craghoppers. Stretchy fabric and a few tactical pockets 4/5
T shirt: again has a stretch to it 1.5/5
Jacket: fleece 3/5
Glasses: quite a lot of tech in those but basically just normal glasses 1/5

Total score: 9.5

Socks: Plain black, M&S cotton jobs 0/5
Trainers: Reebok classics, rubber soles 0/5
Trousers: Standard jeans 0/5
T-Shirt: Pre-order album bundle band job, that album is called “replicr” though and has a bunch of algorithmic stuff 2/5 I guess?
Jacket: CORE elements - DWR water repellent, BND bonded fabric, AJH adjustable hood 3/5

Total: 5/25

that jacket sounds more than a 3/5 but you would know better than me

So easily pleased these two …


It just has this on the inside:

3/5 is generous frankly. It’s a plain black, water-repellent jacket with just one (1) zip

alright then, score stands

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They’re by seasalt. Make your feet sweat less appaz

tights: black, 80 denier 0/5
shoes: black leather campers 0/5
dress: just something black with red and blue flowers on 0/5
cardigan: grey M&S 0/5

total = 0


earlier, though

socks: cycling-specific 2/5
shorts: bib shorts with chamois 5/5
base layer: aldi special, mesh 4/5
jersey: a jazzy one 5/5
extras: arm warmers 5/5, spd shoes 100/5, cap 5/5, helmet 1000/5

total = off the scale m9

Socks: London Sock Company blue / patterned 0/5
Shoes: Battered canvas Vans with holes in 0/5
Trousers: Dark green ones slacks 0/5
Shirt: Check patterned made of a smooth material which makes you want to stroke yourself 69/5
Jacket: One of those waterproof wolf ones because it’s raining so fucking much lately 4/5

Total: 73/25

0 tech. I will never be a tech wanker.

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Campers are surely slightly technical? Even just a 1/5?

these are very dorky and awful. need replacing really.

aw man i’d love one of those



Socks - cotton. “Freshfeet” technology - 2/5
Shoes - battered leather brogues - 0/5
Trousers - shitey work wear - 0/5
Shirt - shitey work wear - 0/5
Tie - clip on, the most technical tie in existence - 5/5 at the behest of @japes
Jacket - Columbia waterproof. Pretty tech - 3.5/5

Overall tech rating - 10.5/30