Techno Viking

Better than 99.9% of all movies this.


Not dead


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I hope he’s a good lad.


It’s also time they all went home. Hate that feeling.

seeing this always makes me want to go to a rave


just hit the afters

When he gets handed the upside down water bottle.

When he gets handed the note on the paper.

When he reads that note.

The more you watch it the better it gets. Absolutely incredible footage.

I suddenly remembered this video a month or so ago having not thought about it for at least ten years

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[smiles in Jeff Mills]

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When he does the 2nd point.

short version

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Can you recommend a Dark Souls build for a Techno Viking character?

The way he gets the aggressors 2nd arm down at the start.

So much drama in this.

I strongly imagine the aggressor is still walking in the direction Techno Viking pointed.

I strongly imagine Techno Viking is still awake.

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The music capture must be real because they move to it perfectly?

What is the actual music?

Thread is telling me off for replying too much now. Must have watched this over 20 times today. Incredible.

Bring this thread BACK.

What a video!

Techno Viking! YOU’RE FUCKED NOW!

I am STILL watching this.

TECHNO Viking is STILL awake!