For some reason I’ve got massively into techno recently, having never given it much thought before. I’m liking a lot of stuff like Phase Fatale and Ancient Methods, but aside from stumbling across stuff I like I’ve no idea what I’m doing.

Any suggestions for DJs to look into would be much appreciated.



Ooft, where to begin…

Maybe give Scuba (Triangulation) and Actress (Splazsh) a listen - 2010 was a good vintage.


Really like Surgeon:


Thanks! Will check out.

For specifics, it was these vids that I stumbled across by PF and AM which I really liked

Will look into Scuba and Actress (same one who did RIP?) after lunch :slight_smile:


The Bells by Jeff Mills is obviously a classic:


The same Actress indeed.

Just skimming this mix - you’re going in at the hard thumping techno end, huh… Maybe try some Kassem Mosse? Or Kangding Ray’s album from last year.


If you’re into Ancient Methods then Paula Temple is likely to be up your street, her Fact mix is an absolute banger.

A lot of the Berghain residents and regulars are likely to be up your street, so Ben Klock, Steffi, Marcel Dettmann, Norman Nodge. I’d imagine most of not all have done Resident Advisor and Fact mixes. This Perc and Truss mix is a favourite of mine as well.

Have plenty of recommendations from the mellower end of the spectrum as well, it’s an exceptionally broad genre.


Thanks again—yeah indeed it is hard thumping, but again I just dropped in there and thought ‘don’t mind that’, rather than went through the whole range and ended up there, so up to give owt a try


Ace - gonna do a final recommendation of Alva Noto’s Unieqav from this year. Then I’ll bow out as you are no doubt about to get 30 years worth of techno recommendations coming your way!

Although not before suggesting you peruse the listening club which has some excellent techno suggestions.



Also this obvs…


Fantastic—cheers mate, really appreciated.


The Burger/Ink album in the listening club is exceptional


Oh, and no joke, this interactive guide is amazing. About 15 years old now, but really good for breadcrumb trails.


Thanks! Listening to one the AM boiler rooms at the minute and loving it, so will pop Paula Temple’s mix on for sure.


SCB is a Scuba side project and he has a new album out called Caibu. Well worth a listen.


Sounds like you like the industrial/EBM side of techno

Check out Silent Servant and I Hate Models, maybe Vatican Shadow

Made a playlist which you might be into


I’m someone who has only come to dance music in the last decade or so and similarly found Scuba as a bit of a gateway to techno - particularly as he himself has moved more into straight up techno (see SCB) since being at the forefront of the bass house/tech-house/post dubstep scene that developed at the end of the 00s and into the 10’s which I am still a huge fan of, particularly as i moved to London in 2011 in the middle of that scene. His label Hotflush was one of the main actors in all of that, particualrly when they released Hyph Mngo by Joy Orbison. Man that tune was formative for me.


Not a big fan of Boiler Room generally (sorry @SCROTUM) , the sound quality on their mixes is very hit and miss and I find watching the disinterested crowd shuffle about in the background quite distracting. That said Skee Mask’s one is really good.


Pretty much everyone from that scene has moved on to 4/4, think dubstep turned out to be a very shallow creative well. Reckon if you played someone from 2009 the Fabric mix Skream has just done they’d struggle to believe it was the same person.


But yeah, if you like Ancient Methods then I suspect you’d prefer his SCB album and other darker, less minimal stuff. He has a recent podcast on XLR8R in case you missed it

I like a bit of Markus Suckut if you’re after something real functional.