Yeah agreed, most people have either settled on techno or varients of it. I don’t know whether it’s simply nostalgia or whether I have unfinished business with it but I still really dig tracks from that era. Really love that kind of Burial like downtempo garage-y two step thing with snatches of vocals. Things have moved on, including Burial himself but I still really dig it.


some more pounding stuff, some a bit more calculated and clean, some more raw


saw Vatican Shadow a few years ago, lovely stuff.


pretty much my favourite mix ever, it’s absolutely relentless. my mate made a spotify playlist of all (i think) the tracks too:


I couldn’t stream any music on my last phone so just downloaded fact mixes, loved this one

Brilliantly intense


You need to listen to The Black Dog and UR. So to save some time, here are The Black Dog DJing an hour or Underground Resistance tunes.


That Paula Temple mix is probably my most listened to ever. It’s amazing.


Listening to the Paula Temple FACT mix now.



Find that Dekmantel, Truants, Groove, and Crack mixes are often worth checking out for similar things to the above. Also loving the Ectotherm, Blackest Ever Black, and Lee Gamble NTS shows.

Some mixes I’ve been enjoying recently which have some ‘thump’:

Nihad Tule live at Bassiani (almost 7hrs long!)

JASSS @ Southbank Centre

resom Dekmantel podcast

Avalon Emerson Groove podcast

Kobosil Dekmantel

Pearson Sound Truants mix


The Hessle crew all seem to be very thump-thump-thump these days. Saw Pangaea on Saturday play the kind of set you’d expect from Blawan or somebody.


Along similar lines, saw Lena Willikens and Avalon Emerson last weekend. Neither played up to their usual weirdness, both a lot straighter, harder and faster than the previous times I’ve seen them.

Also, this thread reminds me of Surgeon’s tweet about kick drums the other day:



If we’re hitting up the classics, Orbital and Underworld are the places to start.


You used to be able to get the first 5 Orbital albums in one of those Essential album series boxes for about a tenner on amazon but sadly The Man got wise.


I’m fast spiralling into an Underworld hole. Just love this remix so much. Simply my favouritest dance/techno thing ever:


I should have just linked Orbital 2. I’m not sure there’s ever been as strong a run of tracks as Lush 3.1, Lush 3.2, Impact and Remind.
Amazing stuff.

This starts at Lush 3.1


I basically know very little about techno, but since I moved to Berlin last year I’ve been slowly discovering it.

I really enjoyed this Scalimeriya live set recently. Industrial techno. (I think?) Basically pretty heavy and with minimal four-to-the-floor beats.


Does anyone still do proper heavy acid techno these days? Basically want more stuff like this:


There’s been a massive acid resurgence in the last couple of years. Any of Helena Hauff or DJ Stingray’s live mixes would probably be right up your street.


Nice one! Will check out.