technology that is no good and is bad

I will very specifically say that I really really fucking hate that song and I’m not really sure the autotune has anything to do with it but it may do. Just dreadful.

Most wine is 3d printed these days


I said this recently. It was top of the charts for something like 13 weeks.

Who, after 12 weeks of hearing that song over and over again thought “oh i must buy this”

Can i shock you? Me


FTFY :+1:


But it’s the best one!


Fucking apple tags

Like seriously apple should be condemned big time for making those

I was just trying to be down with the social board c*nts cool kids tbf…


I remember this discussion coming up regarding Bryan Adams when we were at Uni and one friend said a girl at her school had claimed she’d bought a copy every week because she was that big a fan.

Has anyone ever seen someone using those Google Glasses? :dark_sunglasses:


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Disagree. Some technology used to make art is unethical.

Because its something that’s very hard to accurately portray in an image and the Hollywood version is too ingrained in our culture to be worth spending effort trying to improve.

maybe I was too broad by saying art, what technology used to make music is unethical?




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My Audi had this and it was horrendous

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I know you didn’t mean it, but I do kinda feel strawmanned here :slight_smile:

In general, I don’t have much of an issue with technology as a tool used in art, but I do have an issue with content generated by AI being treated as art, because usually (not always) all it’s doing is regurgitating the copyrighted art that it’s been trained on without any artistic intent.

How much of this goes on in music specifically, I’m completely unequipped to speak to.

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Just went and autotuned a load of vocals, thanks for the reminder!